Her Male Slave

She lives her life like an average woman who strives to excel in her work and in her field. She has a number of close friends that she goes out with a few nights a month. She has a normal family back in the suburbs that she religiously calls every week just to tell them about mundane things, but this woman can whoop your ass so fast it will make your head spin. No, she is not a superhero, she is a dungeon Mistress. Men come to her, beg for her punishment, kiss her feet and probably kiss anything she wants them to kiss. In Her Male Slave, every man is willing to do anything for her just so they can experience her fervid and extreme punishments. She doesn't have second thoughts about doing things with the cock of a man who is completely chained to the wall. In short, she is doing a damned good job at being a dominatrix to hermaleslave.

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